In Latin the word “ignis” represents fire – legend has it this is the very name Iga chose for herself while still in her mother’s womb. One fine day, dated the 1st of September, Iga was born when her mother went into labour a whole month ahead of schedule while watching a classic comedy (“Kogel Mogel”) in one of Warsaw’s oldest and trendiest cinemas Luna. Iga’s childhood was spent running around barefoot in the woods surrounding Warsaw’s National Defence Academy. Iga herself chose to attend a high school named after “The Heroes of Westerplatte”, studying at Agnieszka Osiecka’s High School, attending a class with a Creative Art profile, for girls only.

At the age of 14, Iga was selected as finalist in the Elitte Model Look competition and started working as a professional model. A year later she signed with several Polish and international agencies, taking on her first modelling contract in Milan, going on to travel to Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain etc. on various fashion photoshoots and shows.

After graduating high-school, Iga enrolled at the Higher Pedagogy University run by the Polish Educational Association – she graduated it with honors in 2012, becoming a Master of Labour Pedagogy. 

During her university studies she attended acting workshops at the Art and Culture Academy and completed a two-year acting course based around Viola Spolin’s and Lee Strasberg’s techniques. During this time she also joined the Anima Improv Theatre, then in 2012 she signed on with an acting agency. One day after signing with said agency she won a casting call for “Manon Lescaut”, a play directed by Mariusz Treliński – artistic director at Warsaw’s Grand National Opera. 

Iga spent the following year at the National Theatre in Warsaw (the biggest stage in Europe ). “Manon Lescaut” toured numerous world-famous stages, including de la Monnaie Theatre in Brussels. Then she decided to attend Warsaw Film School full-time. In her first year Iga secured professional screen work, performing in movies and TV-shows, commercials, independent productions and commercial feature films. In time she came to join the Gudejko Acting Agency.

In 2013, Iga began writing & publishing using the pen-name “Maiga”. In 2017 she passed the Polish Stage Artists’ Association membership exam, thus joining this international federation of actors. That same year she established her Sensual Diaries – a signature essay writing & publishing programme. In 2018, she began writing regular columns for Anywhere Magazine. That same year she acted as a regular cast member in three terrestrial Polish television series simultaneously. 2019 brought her 9 new film productions. Since 2021 represented by abewu agency.